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Tides Planner gives you instant and easy access to TIDES for 8000 world locations, including all US, Europe and Australasia stations. No connection is needed as the app uses its own database.

Currents/Tidal Streams for Europe (Ireland, UK, Belgium, Holland and parts of Germany and Denmark).

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Easy tides, Powerful toolsYou can make your own list of favourite locations and see the tides for all of them with one button push. Spin the globe to find new places, even amuse yourself exploring the planet.Access graphs for any location showing you tide changes during the day. You can move the pointer with simple finger movements to check when there will be enough depth. Copy the information and paste into the notepad to assist your planning. Drag the scale or minimum depth level to establish actual depth readings.More advanced users will get value from numerous additional tools that let you calculate tides, levels, minimum depths, time windows for entering/leaving, chart depth, actual depth and more.

Includes:- Tide predictions
- Minimum depth
- Spring/neap tide dates
- Time planning
- Notepad + email
- Global search
- Favourites and recents
- Sunrise/sunset, dawn and dusk times
- Moon rise/set
- Currents Ireland/UK/Belgium/Holland + parts of Germany and Denmark North Sea
Now with cut/paste, email and currents From version 2.0 the app includes currents/tidal streams. The user can cut/paste any tides and currents into the convenient notepad and email from the app. We continue to enhance the application, directly and as part of our joint projects with Imray, the leading marine publisher. You benefit from continuing development of content and navigation tools for other apps, some of which we will incorporate into tides as free updates. Tides currents
Tides Planner
Tides Planner is free providing predictions for one day only initially. Under Tools>App extensions, you add Valid Years and country specific Hydrographic Licences.Purchase Valid Years to extend the coverage of the app year on year.Depending on the country there may be some time limitations imposed by the country which can be removed with a Hydrographic Licence:
- Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Argentina and Oman. 7 day predictions. The app works for any day but only as ‘today plus next six days’ based on the day of use.
- For UKHO copyright ports (UK, Ireland, Germany and other worldwide UKHO ports), Belgium and Netherlands ports the app is initially 7 day predictions but can be extended in the App to work for any day in the years of coverage.
- France and SHOM ports initially one day, which can be extended to any day,
- Italy, USA, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Australia, New Zealand and Japan any day in the year.
TD-TideTable Worldwide coverWe offer tide data for the majority of the world and continue to extend coverage (free updates) as we receive permission from Hydrographic Offices.Tides Planner is available from the AppStore