Tides co-efficients

Imray is working on a new version of Tides Planner which will include co-efficients for 2016.  This should be released in early 2016.  For more information see www.imray.com/apps/tides-planner-app

Please email support@imray.com with any other support queries.

Important news

Imray, the nautical publisher, is to take over Tucabo following the sad death of its founder Carlos Rojas. Carlos was a talented software developer and yachtsman. He was also a friend and mentor to many people and is greatly missed.









Carlos Rojas 1957-2015
Engineer by training, businessman by accident, student by nature.


Imray is now updating and developing all the apps originally produced by Tucabo. From the beginning of December news about Tucabo apps will be available on the Imray website, www.imray.com/apps.

Until further notice support queries and further enquiries can continue to be addressed to support@tucabo.com.

Happy New Year

Our best wishes to all our users across the world. May the tides be with you.


Tidal streams France

Tides Planner can now display tidal stream data for the Channel and Biscay coast of France. This is one of the numerous ongoing enhancements and additions to the comprehensive tides planning app. Thank you to the many users who get in touch and make suggestions.


Charts folders and AIS

We have been busy in the last few months with Charts. Among the many new features are folders for waypoints and routes, which provide a good way to store and organise planning data.

The chart sets now include SHOM charts from Brest to the border with Spain and, using the latest version of Tides Planner, currents on the French coast of the Channel and Biscay.











AIS and NMEA display immediate target data and also organise targets by time and the closest point of approach. In boats equipped with NMEA WiFi this is a really useful visual tool to passage making in busy areas such as traffic separation schemes.


Art that the tide washes away

See this article from the BBC about the amazing art of Andrés Amador, whose giant beach works get washed away by the tide.


The beach art of Andrés Amador


Tide planning essential !

Solent Race Marks 2014

Download the Solent Race Marks 2014 in Chart Navigator format from

Solent Race Marks 2014

Right click on the link and select ‘Download file’ or ‘Save file to downloads’. Make sure the file extent remains as .tcwml after the download (some browsers including Safari add .txt).

The race marks can be imported into the Chart Navigator Imray Charts app in two ways:

(i) email it as an attachment and then tap on the attachment in your iPhone/iPad and select Open In>Imray Charts


(ii) synchronise the iPhone/iPad it with iTunes in your  computer and then select Settings>Import>iTunes in the charts app.

After import the Solent Race Marks waypoints will appear in a specific folder in the upcoming Version 3.10 of the charts app.

Canada large tides at Hopewell

The Hopewell Rocks Park in Canada experience some of the largest tides in the world, at some times of the year up to a high water of 46ft. The tide has created a spectacular setting through erosion of the rocks, which can be visited en foot at low water or in a kayak tours at high water.Supervisor Kevin has used Tides Planner to devise a schedule for visitors, based on a level of 17.8ft which cuts off access to one of the coves.

Photography and tides




Malcolm of westpenwithandbeyond uses Tides Planner to arrange photographic trips at the coast. A credit to planning, patience and technique as well as a good eye for the moment.





Sailing for disadvantaged areas

East End Endeavour run from the Clyde since 2010 to create opportunities for people in socially and economically disadvantaged areas. A really good cause that runs as a not for profit organisation.

See them at: