Canada large tides at Hopewell

The Hopewell Rocks Park in Canada experience some of the largest tides in the world, with a range of sometimes over 40ft. The tide has created a spectacular setting through erosion of the rocks, which can be visited en foot a low water or in a kayak tours at high water.Supervisor Kevin has used Tides Planner to devise a schedule for visitors, based on a level of 17.8ft which cuts off access to one of the coves.

Photography and tides




Malcolm of westpenwithandbeyond uses Tides Planner to arrange photographic trips at the coast. A credit to planning, patience and technique as well as a good eye for the moment.

Sailing for disadvantaged areas

East End Endeavour run from the Clyde since 2010 to create opportunities for people in socially and economically disadvantaged areas. A really good cause that runs as a not for profit organisation.

See them at:



Thank you to Al who has kindly advised us on issues with visual impairment brought about by iOS7. The latest version 3.80 of Tides Planner has some additional buttons to support date changing. We are really pleased that the app can be used even with visual issues. This was the best thing we did in the whole of 2013.

Tides for Land Sailing 2013 Euro Championships

Tides Planner was used to plan the 2013 Land Sailing Euro Championships at Yachthafen of St. Peter-Ording. “We need a dry beach. So we have to know the low tide.”

Have a look at the action.

NL1800 2013

2013 Netherlands Hydrographic Office charts are now available. Imray charts C25, C26 and C30 are also updated to reflect the Traffic Separation Schemes changes in the North Sea off the Netherlands.

Boat Instruments and AIS

New in the app store, the Boat Instruments app connects to NMEA WiFi repeaters and displays boat instruments and AIS in configurable screen instruments.
AIS, GPS and instruments for your boat. Essential and useful companion to boat instrumentation or to complement the GPS functions of your device. The app connects through Wifi to NMEA bridges that transmit instrumentation and AIS data. You can configure flexible pages of analog and digital instruments, which display realistic gauges and panels:

● Depth, speed, course, wind, location, rudder, rpm. More instruments in future versions.

The AIS screen shows relative position, speed and course for nearby targets that the on board AIS receiver is reporting. A minimum safe distance can be used to show warnings about potential collisions. The relative direction of travel of targets is shown in colours to indicate relative position in 5, 10 and 20 minutes.

● Relative course and speed, collision detection, forecast position.

Works with many WiFi enabled AIS transceivers and boat devices like Digital Yacht iAIS, SailTimer Windvane and Brookhouse iMUX.

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Tides Planner 2013 & Atlas

Tides Planner now includes 2013 and 2014 as well as the new Tidal Atlas for the UK coastline.

- The App is free to start with. The initial mode is ‘day predictions’.
- You then go to Tools>App extensions and get the year, which will allow the app to make predictions beyond one day. In future years you update year on year.
- The 7 day restriction in European countries (UK/Ireland/Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal) can be removed with a hydrographic licence. This is done only once, and will remain valid in future years.
- NB: for France a hydrographic licence is always needed

Please note that the 7 day restriction in Europe (1 day in France) blocks predictions for 2013 until the beginning of 2013. Predictions will work from that date.

Tides Planner 11 users should migrate to the free Tides Planner and get the appropriate extensions.

Swim from the Mull of Kintyre to Northern Ireland – world first

On 26 August 2012 Wayne Soutter became the first swimmer to ever make the crossing between the Mull of Kintyre and Northern Ireland, taking 12 hours of incredible stamina and perseverance to overcome the challenges of the North Channel tidal streams and very rapidly worsening weather. The route and feeding schedule had been carefully planned ahead but the conditions of the day took over at dusk when the wind picked up to F5-6, the sea became rough in swell of 3m and landing south of Fair Head became impossible. Tides of 3-5 knots swept Wayne and landing finally took place at Kinbane Head, on the western side of Ballycastle Bay. Huge congratulations to Wayne!

The image is from the track captured on the day by Carlos using Chart Navigator.

Download the track to see it in Google Earth:

Historic swim from Mull of Kintyre to Northern Ireland

Many thanks to Lisa at the National Ocean Service who kindly provided a detail tidal stream model. Congratulations to the support team of Sean, Joe and Gerard from the Community Rescue Service who steered the boats and provided invaluable local knowledge and hospitality, Bernie ashore who tirelessly kept everybody around the world abreast of events (and who often also corrected our data in the frenzy of communications), friends Paul, Johnny and Mark who maintained the swimming and feeding schedule and provided Wayne with ongoing support, Gary who monitored and recorded the event, and Carlos who put his sailing and tides knowledge plus app to use for the navigational plans.

Best Digital Product award

Charts Navigator was awarded the 2012 Best Digital Data Product at the International Map Trade Association which took place in June in Dresden.
Happy sailing!