The reference guide to rules and signals at sea.

imRules Part of a series of Marine Navigation apps, Rules & Signals is a useful tool for sailors, fishermen, surfers and people involved in sea water sports.
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Marine Rules and Signals

Imray Marine Navigation products are intended for reference and learning. Beautifully illustrated with diagrams and short, clear text. Remind yourself quickly about a rule or light. Learn at home, on the train or in the office!


- Rules of the Road: collision avoidance and traffic.
- Lights and shapes: day and night time marking of boats.
- Buoys: worldwide buoyage systems and animated harbour approaches.
- Sound signals in restricted visibility.
- Flag signals.
- Communication in distress including Mayday and PanPan.
- Communication with air rescue.
- Sounds
- Flag translator
- Learning cards

Future features

We continue to enhance the application, directly and as part of our joint projects with Imray, the leading marine publisher. You benefit from continuing development of content and navigation tools for other apps, some of which we will incorporate as free updates.

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