About us

Everything for the water

Welcome to the partnership between Tucabo® and Imray for iPhone Marine Applications.

Imray is a leading publisher of marine content, with a long history that goes back to charting in the 18th century. Imray charts are renowned for their quality and accuracy and the pilot books cover the whole world.

Tucabo is a small company launched in early 2009 to bring marine applications to sailors, divers, surfers, canoeists, fishermen and anyone involved with leisure at the sea side. We come from the technology world but enjoy sailing and write pilot books. Our technology for content management and navigation is used in the marine apps and we are also working in other specialist fields where iPhone applications provide great value to the user.

Who’s involved:

Willie runs Imray and oversees the creation of content for the apps.
Ian is in charge of Imray sales and marketing.
Carlos is the software architect and runs Tucabo.
Susan helps with design, analysis and review of the apps.
Enrique is our design guru and web manager.
Bruno is the technical wizard in physics and maths.
Rob has designed some of the application content.
Pip and Debbie create illustrations and beautiful drawings.
Dave at MagicBullet creates the videos.

Look out for other applications in the Marine Navigation Series.

Contact us at support@imray.com